Retractable Name Badges

Don’t you just hate long lanyards that always get in your way when you’re eating, washing your face or tying your shoelaces? What about pins that create holes in your favorite shirts, dresses, and coats? Well, here is the solution – retractable name badges to the rescue!

Retractable name badges are actually name badges with retractable name badge holders. These retractable name badges are made of a reel than can be unwound to certain lengths to facilitate the swiping and presenting of the name badges for authorized access. There is no need to wound back the lace or cord because the reel automatically snaps it back into place. With this feature, retractable name badges are surely more convenient to be used in offices, schools and other institutions.

Retractable name badges are small and handy. This allows them to be easily transported from one place to another without the hassle of long chains or strings. Retractable badges are designed for employees to clip his or her name badge on the part where it is most convenient and easy to detach. Since they are small, they can also fit into any pocket, purse or bag which is suitable for people or employees who only use and show their name badges when needed. They can just insert their retractable badges into their breast pockets or pants and simply take them out as necessary.

Retractable badges also have clips that are used to securely fasten the name badge onto neckties, collars, belt loops and even side pockets of polo shirts and pants. Retractable badges can also be stylish accessories to your office or school uniform.

Regardless of the fact that they are small and available in limited petite sizes, retractable badges can still take the form of many shapes and colors. They can either take the shape of your company logo or be a round, square, triangle or rectangular name badge. They can also use the color to your company logo and bear its imprint to accentuate the design. There are just endless ways on how retractable name badges can be customized to your personal or corporate requirements and preferences.

Because they are convenient to use and are relatively inexpensive to produce, retractable name badges have gained popularity among corporations and fondness from people worldwide. Retractable name badges do not only promote the diligent wearing of name badges in offices and public and private establishments but also promote your organization as a professional and reliable business that knows how to present itself in style.