Reunion Name Badges

Sometimes, it is nice to look back into the past and reminiscence. This is the reason school reunions are great. Old classmates see each other again and retell old stories. Songs which are popular during the year of the graduation are played and everyone can dance to it. One way to make this get-together more fun is to have reunion name badges. School reunions are not only excellent for looking back into the past. It is also a terrific way to get acquainted again with your former classmates and see how they are doing.

It is also a magnificent venue to re-establish friendships and catch up with the happenings of each other’s lives. Wearing reunion name badges will add fun to the event. Since all graduates are older, their looks today are different from when they were still studying. The reunion name badges will help the graduates identify each other. To add more fun, the yearbook photo of the graduate will be displayed on the name badges. Everybody will enjoy comparing the person they see today to his photo when he graduated.

Making the reunion name badges will be quite tricky because of the photo that is included in the design. If the reunion committee can provide a yearbook to the supplier that will solve the problem but the name badges should be ordered in advance and close coordination with the supplier is needed. The reunion committee have to confirm who are and who are not attending. Plastic name badges will make good reunion name badges because they can easily be designed with the school colours. The name badges will have magnetic attachments to preserve the clothes of the graduates. The reunion name badges will also serve as a wonderful souvenir of the event. The date and venue of the reunion is also printed on the name badges as well as the name and logo of the school. It is a token worth keeping. School reunions are special events because it is chance to relive the past. Remember the carefree days and life is not a problem. With the reunion name badges, the graduates will always remember the event.

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