Reusable Badges

reusable badgesCan name badges be reused? What are they made of? How can reusable badges help a company? Are reusable name badges expensive?

The problem with name badges is that the name of the employee is printed on the badge. Once the employee departs from the company, the name badge can no longer be used. It becomes a waste of money. Then, a new employee is hired and a new badge has to be ordered.

The solutions to the problem are reusable name badges. The company does not need to order repeatedly. They can order in large bulk therefore the cost of a single name badge is minimal. The company saves money and the name badges last longer. There are all sorts of name badges. The least expensive is where the name is printed on a two by three inch card and the card is slipped into a clear plastic name holder. The card can easily be switched to a new one.

Another type of reusable name badges is one that has a case with a panel where a card can be inserted. The case is customised with the name and logo of the company. The name of the employee is printed on a card and inserted on the panel. If the name has to be changed, the card can be quickly removed and substituted with a fresh one.

Classy name badges use magnets. It is made up of four parts. The magnet placed inside the shirt that will hold the name badge in place. The metal plate is placed outside the shirt that will attract the magnet. The printed material contains the name and logo of the company and the name of the employee. The domed lens covers the printed material and fastens it to the metal plate. It also gives the name badge a sophisticated look. When the need arises to change the name of the employee, only the printed material has to be replaced.

Financially, the custom name badges are a great service to the company. The entire name badge does not need be replaced therefore saving money for the company. The design of the name badge can be customised anytime and it can be printed on any standard printer.

Reusable name badges are also grand for different occasions. Especially, if the business of the company focuses on giving seminars and conferences, the name badges will come in handy. Truly, name badges are so practical and easy to use.