Reusable Name Badges: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Back in the days, it was the 20 million individuals who supported the “Earth Day” movement challenging all businesses over the world to start making a commitment in saving mother Earth. Ironically, today this campaign is initiated by businesses organizing fun runs for a cause, tree planting events, and climate rallies.

Commitment to Earth care doesn’t necessarily mean funding or facilitating grand, extravagant green events. Even small businesses can take participation on this campaign by maintaining clean premises, sorting out garbage from biodegradable and non-biodegradable, and adapting recycling and reusing to corporate system. Moreover, choosing recyclable and reusable office materials over non-recyclable and non-reusable ones is a noble thing.

Resorting to reusable office supplies and equipments doesn’t mean degrading your quality of business. Aside from promoting earth care, it is also a cost-efficient campaign towards an economic crisis period. Choosing reusable name badges per se is one reasonable act promoting “go green” campaign.

If your business has a high turnover rate, customizing badges for a single employee is a waste. You can still showcase elegance and professionalism in using reusable badges. These badges have logos or slogans of your business, in line with your other branding materials. It reserves a blank space for the name of the staff whom the badge temporarily belongs.

On the other hand, if your business is into any service of gathering people, arranging meetings and conferences, reusable name badges are the best solution. Names can be written and erased on these badges so you can re-use them as long as you want to unless they’re broken. Unlike name tag stickers, these name badges match the cocktail dresses or the business attires of the event attendees and not spoil their sophisticated look. Stickers normally don’t stick or fall off the fabrics especially silk and wools. In fact they may also damage these expensive fabrics. Plus, the cost of stickers triple shall gatherings last for a longer time. Since you cannot re-use it, a three day event shall need three stickers per attendee, just the same price of a reusable badge. Reusable name badges are useful when it takes you longer period to hire new employees, especially when you hire in small numbers.

Usually, suppliers of name badges set a minimum quantity for production of customised badges. So if you choose reusable badges over customised ones, make sure you have some spare badges for future expansion, unless you have them printed according to the minimum quantity.

There are avenues to participate in saving mother earth. And it is in the simple things we genuinely do that matters most to her.