Reusable Name Badges

Most companies require their employees wear name badges because they are aware of its advantages. They understand its usefulness as a tool for marketing as well as identification. Though name badges have a drawback, it is very minimal and it is easily remedied by using reusable name badges. What is the drawback of name badges? Name badges are permanently printed or engraved with the name of the employee. Once that employee resigns or leaves the company, the name badge becomes useless unless you find someone with the same name which is very unlikely. The company cannot give the employee his name badge as a souvenir because name badges signify that he is part of the company which he is not anymore hence the name badge should remain with the company. Besides, the ex-employee might use the name badge in an unscrupulous way.

The company have to re-order and buy new name badges for the new employees. Reusable name badge is one of the most in demand type of name badges today because of its recyclable feature and it also comes in various styles. There is a window reusable name badge and it comes with inserts where the name is printed or handwritten and then inserted into the window. Another style of reusable name badges use magnets not only for attachments but also to hold the insert in place between a metal background and thick see-through plastic. This type gives a more formal look to the reusable name badge.

The company can also choose to print their name and logo on the reusable name badge. The upper part will have the name and logo and the lower part of the name badge is a window for inserting of the name of the wearer. Due to the various types of name badges, any problem in wearing name badges is quickly resolved by choosing the right type of name badge. The use of reusable name badges is very favourable for companies with high turnover of employees and who hire for temporary reasons. Companies can consider the use of reusable name badges as a long-term investment because it minimizes the frequent purchase of name badges. Even if the employee is no longer with the company, the name badge is still around and used by the next employee.

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