10 Ways to Safe And Secure with Security Badges

We all know and understand that name tags are not just meant for identification of employees within an organization; name tags are also intended to reinforce the security measures of an office or establishment. When you are in charge of keeping your organization safe and secure, how can you improve on your security badges to protect your office from intruders?
Here are ten ways that provide additional security features to your security badges. Using modern technology, these methods are easy and effective ways to raise the level of security of your corporation and identify and control who will have access to and from your organization.

Way No. 1 Add a Photo

Who wouldn’t be able to recognize a familiar face, right? Adding a photo to your security badges enables fast and easy identification of the subject or badge wearer by your security guards.

Way No. 2 Print a Bar Code

Bar codes are suitable for your organization when you have optical scanners in your place of business or building. Quickly read and identified with the use of laser or optical scanners, bar codes can be very effective elements of security badges given proper conditions.

Way No. 3 Use a 2D Dot Code

Unlike the usual linear bar code, the 2D dot code for security badges can hold much more relevant information. The 2D dot code also requires a specialized 2D dot code optical reader which only means that it can be slightly more expensive to be used as a regular element of your company’s security badges.

Way No. 4 Go for Color-coding

Assign different colors for employees working on different floors of your office building. Make sure that these colors are easily recognizable for effortless identification. By doing so, you will be assigning different levels of security clearances onto your security badges.

Way No. 5 Add a Shadow Image

A shadow image on your security badges makes it a difficult target for forgery.

Way No. 6 Mark your fingerprints or use any biometrics

One’s finger print or retina image is unique to a person. Marking your fingerprints and using biometrics will definitely improve your security badges. However, because this method uses specialized advanced technology, this can be quite a toll on your pocket.

Way No. 7 Hologram

Just like shadow images, adding a hologram of your company logo or any other company-related image to your security badges increases the difficulty of forgery. You just have to ensure that access to the printing machine is also well-guarded and protected.

Way No. 8 Insert Smart Cards

Embed smart card chips into security badges. These smart cards will contain your encoded information. These smart cards are readable upon contact.

Way No. 9 Contact less Smart Cards

As opposed to smart cards, contact less smart cards can enable a security check even without contact. Contact less smart cards for security badges are extremely beneficial to companies where employees are highly mobile and seldom take a stop or pause for identity verification.

Way No. 10 RFID chip

RFID chips on your security badges are not only effective but also inexpensive. They work like contactless smart cards but their status cannot be edited once they are programmed.