School Badges

A school badge can take many forms. It may refer to a student ID badge that is worn so that students may be identified in the campus, a school visitor ID badge, which, as the name implies refer to visitors of students, or the insignia of the school itself. All three forms are generally used in most schools.

A school badge in the form of an insignia can be likened to a coat of arms. The school badge design is made to reflect that totality of the school as well as its values. When given the challenge of designing a school badge, one has to begin considering the slogan or the motto that the school lives by as well as the motif or main colours that are associated with the particular school.

A school visitor ID badge is a form of school badge that is given to visitors as a measure of securing the campus. Requiring all visitors to wear the visitor ID badge would make it easy for security to identify a student from a guest. For maximum security, a school visitor ID badge may be designed to contain control access so that access to certain facilities (i.e. laboratories, library, etc) will be limited authorized students.

The most widely used of all school badges is the school id badge that is given to students at the start of the school year. These school badges are initially designed to identify a student, grade level, and teacher. Nowadays, this particular type of school badge has evolved to one that is multi-functioned.

School badges of today can track attendance, monitor equipment, check on student whereabouts in the campus, facilitate food rationing and payment in the school cafeteria, and many others.

Regardless of the purpose you have for getting a school badge, there exist a lot of badge suppliers who can help you and offer you a wide-range of selection. School badges, those used by students, can be made of PVC plastics and embedded with a magnetic card, bar code, and smart chip to contain data or access code. Same thing can be done with visitor’s name badges.

School badges that are used to identify the school itself, however, can come in any of the following the form of metal badges, enamel badges, button badges, or embroidered badges. Metal school badges as well as embroidered school badges (i.e. brass, aluminium, zinc-alloy, etc) are often issued to students for wearing with the school uniform while enamel and button badges are usually given as rewards for good scholastic performance.