Improving your School Security Using School Name Badges

Although providing good and quality education is a school’s primary purpose, it is also the school’s legal responsibility to ensure the safety of the students while in its campus. This responsibility begins every time a student sets foot on the school premises. Every school year, a school name badge is issued to each enrolled student to properly identify him in school as well as to monitor his whereabouts while in the school campus.

Advancements in technology have increased the usability of a school name badge. Back in my student days, a school name badge is simply made of card board paper with my 1×1 photo attached. Next to my photo is my typewritten name and below that is my grade level and instructor’s name. As years passed, the simple school name badge has evolved from a card board placed in plastic inserts to laminated ID cards. The 1990’s brought the invention of the 3x5mm electronic chips which added many features to the regular school name badge.

Private and International Schools were the first to use “high-tech” school name badges that automatically checks the attendance of each student upon entry. I remember that during the 90’s, students simply enter the school ground by passing through a detector without even displaying their school name badges. A student need only to bring out his wallet and the sensor will automatically sense the presence of a school name badge. The photo of the owner of the school name badge is then displayed on the security monitor. Having this feature available in a school name badge ensures that only enrolled students are permitted inside the campus.

Since school name badges can be made to record all exits from the school grounds, the school’s security can easily determine whether the student has simply wandered off or is still inside the campus. Having the electronic chips embedded in a school name badge enables all these additional security features.

Depending on the requirements of the school, a student’s school name badge can be used not only to verify a student’s identity but also be made to access certain school facilities at a certain time periods. This lessens the possibility of vandalism since access to facilities is given only to authorized students via their school name badges. Vandals on the other hand, would be easily identified and given the proper disciplinary action.

With the school name badge having capability of tracking attendance, monitoring student whereabouts and lessening vandalism, the school would be able to channel more time in focusing on educating the students which we have established as a school’s primary goal.