Secure Your Name Badge in Badge Holders

Badge holders are plastic or metal cases that are used to hold and secure your name badges. They are made in different sizes, shapes and colors depending on the size, shape and color of your name badge. Badge holders also come in a variety of attachment methods such as lanyards, clips, pins, magnets and buttons. Badge holders are customizable protectors of your name badges and can be complementing fashion statements to your uniform or attire.

When buying badge holders from a retailer, wholesaler or through online, the first thing that you have to consider is if you want to buy them with the name badges (as a badge kit) or purchase them separately. The benefit of buying badge holders as a kit together with the name badges is that they already have everything you need – from the clip or pin, to the badge holder and even to the blank name badges. It might be even cheaper if you will buy these badge holder kits in bulk from your trusted name badge supplier as they may be willing to extend you price and/or volume discounts. On the other hand, name badge kits often require specific word processing programs to print your content. It will be a challenge for you to figure out a way on how to print all your information onto the name badge card using your own word processor.

Your secondary consideration in buying badge holders would be style. How would you like your name badge and badge holder to look like? Will it be round, square, triangle or rectangular? Would you like your badge holder to be in 3D? What kind of attachment method would you like to use for your badge holder? Would you like to use stickers, lanyards, pins or clips? What material will your badge holder be made of, metal or plastic? Your decision on these items will rely heavily on where and for how long the name badges will be used, what type of name badges and badge holders the market offers and lastly, how much is your projected badge holder budget. It is necessary to have a badge holder that is designed to be attractive and informative at the same time, in order to maximize its marketing and advertising potentials.

Probably the best thing about badge holders is that they are reusable and economical. You can recycle your name badge holders over and over again for as many conferences and events as you want, until they are dilapidated and broken. This will not only save you present money but will also cut on your future spending on your company’s name badge and badge holder requirements.

As the costs and benefits of badge holders to an individual or organization are already detailed in the previous paragraphs, the importance of badge holders should no longer be a question. Badge holders are necessary accessories to prolong not just the life span of your name badges but also the life of your corporation through incremental savings and heightened promotion.