Security Guard Badges

What are the skills needed to be a security guard? What are the duties of a security guard? Why are security badges important parts of security?

The company premises contain valuable equipment, important materials and classified documents. Security is an essential part of any organization to keep the premises protected. In a large organization, security becomes even more important because of the volume of people going in and out of the building. The duties of the security guard in a corporate office are a highly responsible work. He guarantees the safety and protection not only of the physical properties but also of the human beings. His role is also to prevent any dangers like fire and unauthorized access of people in the office.

Security name badges assist the security guard in identifying the personnel. The duty of the security guard is to keep watch of incoming and outgoing employees. He also monitors the movement of materials and vehicles. With the help of the name badges, the security guard can perform his duty effectively. He can easily ascertain who transported the materials and who is in the vehicle.

Security name badges are also issued to visitors and guests. Visitors must first go to the reception desk so that name badges can be issued to them. The name badges of the visitors are different from the employees. This aids the security guard in recognizing the regular employees and the visitors. Security guards also wear name badges.

The name badges inform the public who they are and what their roles are. Name badges make the security guards approachable. Visitors who need directions can talk to them and ask for assistance. The security name badges give authorization to the security guard to roam around the facility to inspect for any irregularities.

The visibility of the name badges also contribute to the prevention of misconduct among employees. The security guard must always be alert and quick to act during emergencies. He should have instinct for suspicious characters and dangerous situations. He should have a good memory for all the codes and security measures.

The security guard must have a smart appearance and good bearing. The security name badges add respectability to the uniform of the security guard.

The security guard’s function is not only as protector of assets but also to provide a secure and friendly atmosphere for all people. The name badges signify the commitment of the security guard to his role as sentinel and guardian of the establishment.