Security Name Badge

There are times when you have to go inside a corporate office to transact a deal or to get some documents. The security personnel at the entrance lobby will welcome you and ask some pertinent questions. You also have to produce an identification card to confirm your identity. If the security personnel is satisfied with your answers and your identification is verified, he will give you a visitors name badge and allow you inside the corporate offices. Visitors name badges serve as your temporary permit to enter the offices.

Security name badges in corporations, especially in large ones, has to be strict because of the confidentiality of some information and the value of the equipment inside the offices. Corporate offices occupy a big area and the population of the employees is huge which makes it difficult to secure. One security measure that the corporation implement is the use of name badges. Everyone who belongs to the corporation wears name badges. This helps the security personnel identify the employees. Visitors are also required to wear the name badges given to them when they entered the office.

They are unknown to the employees and other personnel and visitors name badges is their identification tag inside the corporate office. Security personnel will know that they do not belong to the corporation hence their access to certain areas is limited. Reusable name badges are most commonly used for visitors name badges. As the name implies, these name badges are used repeatedly because the name can be changed. The name badges display the company name and logo and on the part where the name of the person is usually displayed, a window is placed. The name of the person is printed or handwritten on a piece of paper or card and then inserted into the window.

When a visitor is finished with his business inside the office, he returns his visitors name badge to the security personnel at the entrance lobby. The security personnel simply remove the name of the former visitor and that name badge can be used again by another visitor. Name badges are worn not only by the people employed by corporations but also by people who have to go inside the corporate offices. Visitors name badges makes the job of the security personnel much easier.

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