Small Name Badges

Are you undecided on whether to get big or small name badges? If you are, then you have come to the right place. This article will present you ideas and options that you may consider in choosing that perfect size for your badge.

When deciding on the size of your name badge, it is very important for you to know what you will have written on it. Will the name badge contain just short names or nicknames, or will it also need to display one’s work, such as “Sales Manager”, or “Waiter”? Often, companies add short slogans (i.e. “The last place you want to go”, or “Beanz Meanz Heinz”, etc.) right after the name and occupation to add a more personal touch for that lasting impression. In cases where you need to have a lot of information printed, getting a small name badges may not be a practical idea. Having all the information and not being able to really see them (more so read them!) defeats the purpose of having the name badge. Remember that one purpose for a name badge is to draw attention – that is, in a positive way. Having so much information all crammed in one small name badge may give an entirely negative interpretation (and surely, that is not what we want!).

Understanding the limits of one’s budget is of utmost importance; however, a good investment on a name badge could mean returns for the business in terms of profit. An employee Custom name tags regardless of its size, will show a reflection of what the company is quality-wise which would definitely influence the impression that our clients will have.

A professional name badge may not be a disadvantage if it is presentable, readable, and speaks of class. To be effective, it is recommended for small name badges to be printed in light and pastel colors to put less emphasis on its size. Using dark or very bright colors on small name badges will further highlight its diminutive size, which may not be at all good.

With the many different types of name badges available and sold all over the internet, you can have almost anything you want, and yes, even on a small name badge. You can always choose custom name badges when none of the available selections of small name badges appealed to your taste; or, if you are really dead set on getting a small name badge and still putting in the name with the employee’s work or position as well as the company slogan, we’ll not stop you. LED name badges are small name badges, but will definitely be able to fit everything you want to put in.