Special Name Badges

Name badges have developed in its different aspects from the quality of materials used, the long period for durability, the concept designs and more. Most of the top quality name badges are considered special because of its rarity. Special name badges are used by various institutions for several reasons. Citing an example, only the guests of honor are given the special name badges from a charity or school organization in a gala or homecoming. In a corporate seminar, another type of special name badges is given to those who achieved success in their specific field. Formal functions, each guest is usually given a special name badge which serves as their entrance to that function.

Special name badges are custom made. It can be personalised in any way you want it to be. Designs will range from soft to strong, from cartoons to digital art and so on. The list is endless. However, the special name badges mentioned above are made plated with gold or other expensive minerals. The designs and concepts of these special name badges are made for that organization only. This means they have an exclusive design and a trade mark that exists only for them.

Most of these name badges are designed only once. For most badge makers, special badges means not repeating someone else’s concept and logo.

If you don’t have any idea what kind of special name badges would you like, check the following details. The gold name badges are given by universities to alumnus. Other special name badges can be found in formal social events.

One most intriguing special badge is the enamel name badge. Ever since the 90’s, the enamel name badge have proven how long they can stay. It might look small but believe that auction bidders sought this type of special name badge. One is because they are easy to maintain and store. Badge collectors all over the world are given the opportunity to bid for one special name badge. These badges could go on and on for weeks.