Staff Badges

A name badge allows one person to know another person’s name. This is a catalyst for two things to happen. The person reading the name badge will perceive the other person as no longer being a stranger since that person obviously has a name. Once a person knows another’s name, the stigma of being a stranger is removed. The second thing to happen is a better line of communication has been opened and, possibly, better sales will result because the employee wearing the company ID badge seems to be much more approachable.

If you’ve ever been shopping and needed help finding a certain product, a helpful clerk can make all the difference. Now, imagine there is a helpful clerk available, but without an identifying store name badge, you can’t tell her from any of the other customers. A store employee is not automatically visible without a name badge; some shops don’t require their clerks to wear a smock or uniform. If you are like me, you’ll not likely be tapping a complete stranger on the shoulder to find out, either. Company name badges make a smoother shopping experience for the consumer. This sets the stage for larger sums at the register and more frequent repeat customers.

Identification name badges also cut down on confusion for employees, management and, of course, the customers. New employees learn the names of their co-workers much more quickly thanks to the name badges that all of the other employees are wearing. The rest of the staff will learn new employees’ names quickly because their ID badge will display their name. Nothing is worse than being directed to another department by one clerk and being told to ask for “Bob” in the shoe department, only to find out that no one has an identification badge and you must go from clerk to clerk – or who you hope is a clerk – asking for “Bob”.

Staff name badges not only personalise the shopping experience for customers, but personalise the business itself. Studies show that a customer is much less likely to pinch a DVD or item of clothing in a place where they have spoken the clerk’s name before at the register. With all the video and electronic technology used to prevent theft, who could have imagined the friendly name tag could have accomplished so much?