Staff Magnetic Badges

What are magnetic name badges? How do magnetic name badges work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using magnetic badges?

Name badges are a way of introducing oneself to the world. Employees represent not only themselves but also the company they are working for. Name badges portray the company as an institution that is concern about the appearance, performance and quality.

Name badges are usually attached to the clothing by a pin or a clip. The problem with using a pin is that it damages the fabric where the name badge was attached. It leaves holes in the fabric. The clip, on the other hand, leaves a mark on the fabric. Another problem with the pin is the difficulty of putting it on and taking it off. Magnetic name badges offer a solution to the problems of using a pin or a clip.

There are two pieces to a magnetic badge. The first piece contains the name and it is placed on the outside of the clothing. The second piece is the magnetic fastener which is placed inside of the cloth. The magnets will attract each other and will keep the name badge in place. The cloth will now be saved from any damage.

The initial expenses for magnetic name badges are higher than the other alternatives but it is a good investment. Magnetic badges are well-made and very durable. If magnetic badges have to be replaced, only the front piece will be replaced and the back piece will be kept.

The drawback of magnetic badges is that they are made of magnets; therefore, places where magnets could be a problem should be avoided. Magnets are unsafe to credit cards and other electronic devices such as cell phones and PDAs. If you have a pocket where your magnetic name badge is attached, do not put anything that a magnet could harm.

Companies require their employees to wear name badges to present a professional look which impresses the customers. Magnetic badges are attractive, practical and easy to clean.

Name badges easily give a respectable appearance to the employees. Magnetic name badges give customers a comfortable feeling about the company. Truly an asset to the company, magnetic badges should be used.