Staff Name Badges Initiate Warm Friendships

staff name badgesIs your business a bank, a hotel, or a supermarket? Whatever industry you are in, your business is a good place of encounters. And you better make these moments a wonderful experience. Different people come across each other in a workplace; your clients and your staff, your staff and their fellow staff. Building a warm ambiance inside your offices fosters good relationships. Start turning those two serendipity to meaningful opportunities.

It’s awkward to speak to someone we don’t know, yet in our workplace we talk to people whom we are not acquainted nor attached to. Your staffs need to coordinate with each other even if they come from different departments. They also need to communicate with batches of customers visiting your office every day.

Stiff moments, though part of our daily lives, are not good foundations of any business transactions. Labeling your staff with name badges can break awkwardness and turn it to warm friendships. A basic rule among workplaces is to provide a comfortable place to both staffs and clients. A cozy ambiance is pleasing to clients and may foster a welcoming, inviting feeling on them. Plus you can expect better work productivity when there is good interconnection among your staff badges. If your business sows friendships, your clients will most likely, always be around.

Applying the law of reciprocity is one great benefit of Staff name badges. When your staff takes initiative on introducing themselves through their badges, clients are more than willing to give their names also. Then first meetings may feel like years of friendships, no awkwardness and stiff moments. This is a good start.

Badges build a sense of accountability to your staff. When they have their staff name badges on everywhere they go, you bet they wouldn’t do something that can put their positions on the brink. In dealing with clients, your staffs make sure everything they say, including the promises they make, will be done.

Using name badges may improve your business reliability, developing good people to serve your valuable clients. Besides, it’s much easier for clients to call the attention of a staff by their name. Calling them Miss or Sir may not catch their attention especially when they’re busy doing their tasks. And when a client gets ignored, it creates negative impressions about your service.

Your business is a place where great things happen. It sows wonderful meetings and strong friendships amongst people. If you continue to foster this kind of ambience, then expect the law of attraction. More people will come more often.