Student Name Badges

How many teachers have wished for students wearing name badges, especially during the first two weeks of a new term? No need to waste time grappling with poor memory or the wrong names in the midst of new books, lesson plans and attendance sheets. A student’s desire to appear more academically inclined might also be credited to ID badges.

Children are far less tempted to misbehave or cheat on a test when their own name is pinned to their uniform for all to see. The opportunity to slip away unseen after a prank or causing trouble would be greatly diminished when their name is right up front for all to see. School ID badges would make a big difference to a new student, especially one coming in mid-year. Everyone already knows each other by then.

A school that requires name tags would make getting around a new school surrounded by complete strangers at least a little bit easier. Bar codes incorporated into student ID badges would also make using the school library much easier. By having a barcode within the name badge, a library card is no longer necessary. A librarian would only need to scan the student’s ID badge with a handheld barcode scanner.

Schools could be easily recognised by staff at museums or other destinations during multiple school class trips. Keeping student groups together and being able to instantly recognise when a student has gotten separated could be achieved by having each school use a different colour or design for their ID badges. Chaperones would truly benefit by easily being able to visually confirm their students’ whereabouts.

Different coloured student name badges would help teachers determine at a glance which form or year their students had been assigned. This is helpful when finding students out of their appropriate areas in the school building. ID badges could also encourage academic participation and excellence by having different designs or colours for individual achievements throughout the school year. The same idea could be used to design school club name tags.

Student name badges, just like school uniforms they wear, would give a student the feeling of similarity and inclusion.