Team Name Badges


School and community sports teams can benefit greatly by utilizing pin button name badges. A colourful plastic name badge could be one of the draws for a child hesitating to join. Playing a sport as a young person can produce lasting and lifelong benefits and something as simple as a team name badge could be the deciding factor for some children.

A team name badge makes it easy to recognize who is present for games and practice and who is absent. Besides bringing a sense of uniformity to the group, a team name badge can help bolster a good team spirit among the players. Young people, especially, need to feel they are a welcome and necessary part of their team. For the shy player or the team member who lacks confidence, a plastic name badge emblazoned with their teams’ name and the player’s name can be a source of encouragement.

The coach’s job is to build team solidarity when all his players are sporting team name badges. Adults will have an easier time creating a team environment when better players wear the same pin badges as the less seasoned players. The more agile players may actually consider being less critical of team members who are not as bold or adept at the game.

Children can learn responsibility by being in charge of their team name badge. It is often a team rule or requirement that a player arrive for practice or a game with their name badge in place. Those who forgot or lost their name badge must sit on the bench and watch the others play. By instilling a sense of responsibility for their name badge, a sense of belonging and responsibility to their team can be fostered.

Naturally, children lose or break things. Through accident or no fault of their own, no matter how important an item may be to a child, they can lose track of it or it can be broken. Plastic pin badges are inexpensive and easily replaced. Some team rules require the child to pay for replacing their lost or broken name badge – which is much less expensive than replacing a lost team jersey.