The ABC’s of Designing Your Name Badges

designing a name badges

A company that has a clear vision of the image it wants to portray will normally go for a designed name badges. Any person who wants to wear a name badge suitable to his personality, the field he works in and his comfort may opt for a designed name badge. A business owner will want a name badge to reflect his brand.

Designing Your Name Badges either for your company or your own use will be easier if you know a few important basics.

The Size of Your Name Badge:

In designing your name badges ,the size of the name badge you plan to wear will greatly depend on the size of your logo. You have to take into consideration whether your logo is either wide or thin. You have to make sure that your logo will complement the size of the name badge you plan to order and, will leave enough space for the text to be printed big enough in order for it to be read easily by other people. Avoid a cluttered look for your name badge by leaving just enough white or blank space in between so that the text and logo will avoid crowding each other.

Background Colours and Shapes:

It will be advisable to stick to a single full colour background. Swirling and multi colour background makes it difficult for other people to see what is written on the name badge. Although you may think of it as creative and attractive, having multiple colours on the background takes the attention away from your logo and text. People may look at the name badge but might have a hard time reading the logo and what is printed. Also, make sure that the text colour and the background colour are contrasting enough that people will be able to read what is written right away.


Just the simple way of using different fonts or changing their sizes for different texts on your name badges will go a long way in creating a custom made feel to them. Playing with different sizes, boldness, italics and fonts will make your designed a name badges more interesting. To highlight a certain text or title, a simple upsizing of its font might do the trick!

Text Alignment:

As a general rule, it is always the best option to align your text to the center. This avoids unattractive blank spaces on one edge of your name badge. Without the proper alignment, your name badge might look skewed and uneven.

The Fasteners:

There are different options to fasten your designed name badge. Depending on what will be most suitable for your workplace, there are numerous options such as pin, magnet, clip on, neck chain or lanyard. It is better to choose the fastener that you and your employees will be most comfortable using depending on your and their line of work.

Being creative in design a name badges is a lot of fun. However, by keeping in mind these few simple reminders, it might help you from going overboard.

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