The Beauty of a Magnetic Name Badge

A name badge is very important in making a business and a career prosper. The policy of wearing a name badge is beneficial not only to the employer but to all his employees as well. For the employer, making his employees wear their magnetic name badges regardless of position has numerous benefits.

A well designed magnetic name badge with the company logo imprinted is a good and inexpensive promotional tool for the company brand. It creates a professional image for your organization, making customers, suppliers and business partners trust your company better. By making all the employees wear their name badges, the overall security within the company premises may be increased as well. This policy serves as an additional monitoring tool for the security personnel in identifying persons who are loitering beyond their respective areas. It allows the security personnel to easily spot visitors who are trespassing to the “for employees only” area.

For the employees, wearing their name badges would increase their overall productivity and efficiency. It allows all employees to know the names, positions and departments of colleagues that they do not encounter on a regular basis thus, finishing the task at hand more efficiently by avoiding any social embarrassment or confusion amongst employees. Wearing a magnetic badge also helps an employee network himself and his company to existing and potential third parties. By wearing a name badge to conferences, meetings, events and seminars, the employee is marketing not only his company but himself as well to other attendees. This opens up opportunities to introduce himself to potential clients, suppliers and business partners.

With all the benefits that wearing a name badge might bring, it is very unfortunate that wearing one does not become a habit for everybody in the company. Unfortunately, in order to avoid ruining their clothes, most employees would prefer not to wear their name badges. However, using a magnetic name badge may help eliminate this problem. Regardless if your name badge is stylish and professional looking, if it becomes a hassle wearing it on a daily basis because its pin ruins the fabric of the uniform or because you are avoiding the pain of being accidentally pricked, ordering one becomes impractical. It will become a waste of your money. Why buy one if it will not be worn?

A magnetic name badges is an ideal option in avoiding the above scenarios. With its magnetic backing and removable magnetic strip, it easy to take your magnetic name badge on and off without the worry of pricking yourself or the chance of making an ugly hole in your clothes. A magnetic name badge is a reliable and practical option. It is made of magnetic steel and thus, very durable and professional looking. It easily fastens to most fabrics and is a safe bet in making sure that you and your clothes stay puncture or prick free! There will be no more excuse in not wearing one!

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