The Color Name Badges for Female

Did you know that the colour magenta, a popular shade of pink, is used in some prisons and has been known to defuse violence and angry behaviour? Read on to learn why.

The name badges for female is a highly appropriate theme to have in hospitals as this shade provides a soothing effect. To radiate feelings of calm, care, and tenderness, some hospitals provide pink badges for female to their health workers.

The most popular tie-up of the colour pink is with that of femininity. This is the reason why Mattel has chosen pink as the motif for their famous Barbie dolls. Barbie has almost everything in shades of pink which the girls, young and old alike, go for –pink dresses, pink shoes, pink bags, pink lipsticks, pink eyewear, and a lot more in this colour. If Barbie is to have a party, it is most likely going to have a pink theme and her guests wearing pink name badges.

The colour pink refers to the mixture of red and white colour. Its intensity level is determined by the quantity of red added to the white. Thus, saying pink name badges could connote the many variation of the colour pink such as deep pink name badges, carnation pink name badges, light pink or baby pink name badges, hot pink name badges, pale pink name badge, cherry blossom pink name badges, pastel pink name badges, shocking pink name badges, or ultra pink name badges.

Newborn baby girls are marked with pink name badges on their cribs. From birth, they have been identified with the colour pink and have been continuously associated with this colour through the various phases of their lives.

In kindergarten, little girls were usually given pink name badges. Birthday parties of little girls often include pink name badges to match many Disney Princesses or Barbie themes. High School Proms and debut parties also have themes having varying shades of pink. Lovers of beauty favours pink and this is the reason why pink is the motif of many beauty pageants and why the candidates wear pink name badges.

Pink is also the colour of universal love which influences many brides to prefer to be wed in pink motif and give name badges to her guests.

Many other events, such as breast cancer awareness seminars would do well with pink motif and pink name badge as it is associated with the female population.