The Importance of Conference Name Badges

Conference name badgesMay it be in your local community or country or even in other places abroad, seminars, conferences, conventions, workshops and trainings are now always a part of a person’s career. In every occasion such as those mentioned, conference kits cannot be missed and are now considered an important requirement and a less costly replacement for souvenirs and giveaways. These conference kits usually contain gift items and/or products of the convention’s sponsors and organizers and most of the times include  conference name badges for use by the participant during the convention. These conference name badges serve as the delegate’s proof of identity and registration to the event or activity.

Many conference name badges come in the form of sticker name tags. These sticker reusable name badges are simple sticker papers that normally bear the conference logo and state the title of the conference as well as the delegate’s full name and company. They are commonly placed in the person’s chest where they can easily be seen by people as these sticker conference name badges are not that big enough to be recognizable from afar. They are less colorful than sticker name tags that are used for birthday parties as conferences are more formal in nature.

Another popular conference name badge is the plastic name tag. Plastic conference name badges can be made of acrylic, vinyl or to save on costs, laminated paper or specialty board. Plastic conference name badges come with a chain that is either made of cloth, beads or plastic to be worn around the neck or sometimes as bracelets on the person’s wrist. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors and oftentimes contain additional information like the organizer’s address and contact information.

Conference badges can also be in the form of  name badge pins and buttons. Conference name badge pins also come in different shapes, sizes and colors and are usually held by clips, safety pins or magnets. They can either be made of metal or hard plastic and are oftentimes smaller than plastic conference name badges or sticker name tags. It typically contains only the person’s name or nickname as well the conference logo which are usually printed or engraved onto the metal or hard plastic card or material.

Just because conferences are special formal occasions attended by professionals and businessmen and women, it does not mean that conference name badges cannot be colorful and attractive. Just like any other name badge, the primary functions of conference name badges are still to identify the people who are attending the event and initiate socialization and networking.