The Popularity of The Plastic Name Badge

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There are different materials which are used to manufacture name badges. A name badge could either be made out of paper, plastic or metal. The type of name badge is chosen depending on its use and purpose.

What makes a plastic name badge so popular among the three? A plastic name badge is light weight but durable. One could easily carry it everywhere. Plastic is cheaper than metal and more durable than paper. If a plastic name badge is stored properly, it could last as long as a metal name badge does. It is a popular choice by companies as a reusable name badge because of its cheap price and long term usage. A plastic name badge is also the most flexible and reliable name badge to fit in most situations.

For schools, it is a prevalent choice because not only is it durable but safe enough not to cause any major harm for students in case it gets broken. It is stylish looking to be used as a corporate name badge as well. It is a perfect fit for the roughest conditions. It will not get rusty even if it comes in contact with water and most liquids. It is not only cheap but easily disposable and widely available and replaceable. A plastic name badge is also highly customisable. For most plastic name badge, plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the most commonly used material.

There are several choices available to design a plastic name badge. One may opt for screen printing, hot stamping, thermal printing or engraving. Screen printing uses special paints and a transparent screen to mark the colors on the plastic surface. Hot Stamping uses a heat press with a metal die cast to imprint onto the plastic material. Thermal Printing is done through a card machine where a five color panel prints onto the card surface one color at a time, lays down a protective overlay and where the card printer uses heat as a method of sealing the print onto the badge. Engraving is the method of etching the surface of the plastic to reveal its core.

With all its benefits and options, plastic name badge remains a consistent and most common choice. Most people and companies prefer plastic name badge because it is considered to be the most cost effective in many situations.