The Primary Purpose Of a Name Badge

When you come up to the counter of a fast food restaurant, take a look at the chest of the service crew. Most probably, there’s a rectangular shaped, card sized plastic with the name of the crew. When you go to a bank to make a deposit, the teller is also wearing one similar to that of the service crew. Even when you attend a convention, you’ll be wearing one. It’s called a name badge.

The primary purpose of a name badge is to display the name of the individual wearing it. It is a simple way of introducing oneself to another person. It’s a modest style of saying “I’m here to serve you.” Name badges are widely used nowadays and usually worn by individuals from service oriented organizations who has to face customers, clients and the public.

Corporations whose specialty is giving quality recreational services like hotels, spas and country clubs, issues name badges to their employees to make the customers feel at ease and comfortable towards their attendant. Law enforcers and military personnel also wear them for easy recognition. Even in social gatherings like office functions, name badges are distributed for prompt acquaintance and to avoid embarrassing moments when you forgot the name of the person you’re conversing with.

As widely as it is used, there are also various types of name badges depending on how it will be used and what it is made of. The variety ranges from a simple blank sheet of self-adhesive paper labels with the name handwritten on it to an elegant name badge made of lightweight metal or leather with the name engraved. They could be pinned or clipped to the clothing or worn around the neck with a lace. There’s also a magnetic name badge where the name badge is on the front of the clothing and a magnetic fastener is placed inside against the name badge.

On the part of the individual wearing the name badge, having one has its advantages and disadvantages. Be unkind to a client, you’ll easily be reported to the management because your name is displayed. But it can also be an advantage if you had been helpful.

Any which way, it’s an effective tool for the management to supervise their employees. Another advantage of wearing a name badge for the employee is being called by your name. Instead of being called as mister, buddy, or “Hey, you!” Your name is still the sweetest thing you should hear. That is why there’s a name badge.