The Quality of Cheap Name Badges

Almost every person I know is complaining of the continuous increase in the prices of many products and services in the market today. Regardless of whether these products and services are needs, wants or both, many of my families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances shift from their usual trusted brands to more affordable product alternatives even though they are not certain of the quality of cheap badges nor are they sure that they are getting the most value for their money.

The same cost, savings and practicality issues arise among small and big corporations worldwide. It has now become imperative for organizations to find ways to cut on expenses not just on bulk purchases but even on trivial items such as corporate name badges. But are cheap badges worth your money? In answering this question, you have to take into consideration the three main functions of name badges in your organization – identification, security and promotion.

Will cheap name badges provide you with a corporate name tag that can serve these three purposes? Will name badges give you short-term solutions to cost problems or long-term benefits from savings?

Cheap name badges are typically made of paper or low-end name badge materials. They might have less color and are most likely to be less durable than the more expensive name badges are. With this, cheap name badges tend to be rarely neither attractive nor noticeable by people. They might contain all the necessary information on yourself and your company but if they will not be spotted by your clients and target audience, can cheap name badges maximize its underlying potential as an effective identification tool much more an advertising material? I guess not. Therefore, name badges are less likely to contribute to your identification and promotional goals.

Furthermore, as cheap name badges are created using economical materials commonly sold in the market, there is a great possibility that cheap badges can be easily copied and plagiarized. This defeat the purpose of corporate name badges in ensuring the safety and security of its employees. As I have laid down these cards on cheap name badges, are you willing to invest in cheap badges now?