The Right Name Badge Holder For You

The right name badge holder for you Name badges are important tools in a business. Their uses are numerous and include identification, security, boost of confidence, good customer relations among others. Whatever the design, material and even size a name badge is as good as its holder. A badge holder should be able to preserve the name badge as well as make the badge visible and presentable.

There are several popular models of badge holders. Clear vinyl is the most common badge holder available. It is easy to use making it very attractive to many people. These holders come in horizontal or vertical styles. Their sizes vary depending on the size of the name badge. Clear vinyl holders can have slots to insert the name badge. They also possess a hole that hung pins, lanyards or necklaces.

Coloured vinyl is another model for holding badges. As the name suggests, they come in different colours. It has similar features to the clear vinyl with the only difference being that of colour. Coloured vinyl can thus be used where different colours are needed to signify differing groups. For example in a company different colours could represent different departments.

Another model is the credentials wallet. This mode is very ideal for people who are always carrying many items. The wallet can carry the name badge and other stuff like pens. Wallets are also good at protecting the badge so it can be used for a long time.

This other model, called the arm band badge holder, is ideal for busy people. This badge holder as the name suggests is worn on the arm. It thus ensures that the badge do not get on the way of the busy person. They also have a strap that allows easy release of the badge when need be.

Plastic badge holders like vinyl are also very popular in the market. They share almost the same features with the vinyl family. However, they are harder and thus more resistant to wear. These holders are thus ideal for companies with permanent employees. They are also versatile and other items like the company logo can be embedded on them.

Choosing the right badge holder really depends on several factors: (a) the setting the name badge will be used (b) the security needed (c) the length of time of badge clip usage (d) the cost/funds available for the purchase and many others. The one important thing to remember is to always have a product that is worth your money!

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