The Right Type Of Name Badges For Your Business

In the new global business, the use of name badges is becoming very important. Whether a small business or an international conglomerate, name badges are important for recognition and security purposes. Different styles and types of name badges have come up with the evolving technology. It is therefore of vital importance to understand these types and styles in order to select the best for your particular business.

Some common styles and types of badges include engraved, printed and sublimed with different materials. The engraved badges are of two types: simple and laser. In both of these types laser or rotary engravers are used. The materials used are hard and durable such as wood, plastic and metal. Usually only simple writings are made on these badges such as name and company of employee or name and position of employee. In addition to simple writings on the name badge, laser engraving allows an addition of simple symbols, logos and others. However, these have to be in mono-colour. Engraved badges have a very professional look and are durable. Printed name badges compose of the screen and digitally printed badges. Both of these badges are made from simple materials like hard paper, vinyl or plastic. One attractive feature of these types of badges is the show of colour. In screen printed badges up to four colours can be used. In digitally printed badges the colours can be as many as possible. Printed badges thus give one the opportunity to play around with different colours, designs and fonts so they are so much fun to make and wear and mostly display the company personality. These badges also give a simple elegant professional look. Another advantage is that the designs of the badges can be filed making reordering simply easy. Sublimated badges are the most versatile. They allow the use limitless colours and tones. This leads to creation of high quality badges that is made on a durable plastic material.

As much one has to carefully consider the type and style of the badge he/she wants, it is also very important to get a supplier who not only understands your needs but has good selling qualities. These qualities include timely delivery, ability to deliver reorders, good experience, and flexibility and of course fair pricing.

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