The Unique Tools Of Event Name Badges

Event Name Badges are a unique tool which can accomplish many things. They display the name of the event, they can distinguish event workers from participants and attendees, and they can show which part of the event the workers belong.

What kind of events might benefit from name badges?
• Sporting Events
• Pet Shows
• Concerts
• Charity Events
• Community Gatherings
• Church Gatherings
• Children’s Activities

Most sporting events have stadium officials, food service employees, security personnel and ticket takers wearing name badges and, in some cases, ID badges. This cuts down on spectators having access to areas of the stadium where they are not allowed. ID badges allow workers to be able to tell the difference between ticket-holders and other employees in close quarters.

Just as there are off-limits areas at a sporting event, so it is with pet shows. Event name badges help participants to know which people are the organisers, which ladies and gentleman are the judges and who the volunteers are in case you need directions. Can you imagine the chaos if no one distinguished themselves with event ID badges?

Concerts come in all shapes and sizes but most have one thing in common. Those involved in running the show, taking money and/or tickets and (depending on the type of concert) security personnel all wear event ID badges or name tags. Only the proper ID gets you backstage or into prohibited areas and this is as much for your safety as everyone else’s.

A charity 5K run or other fundraiser for a non-profit organisation must be properly represented for the security and safety of contributors as well as the directors. Event ID badges allow representatives to be easily identifiable at a distance or in a crowd.

The badges themselves are wonderful promotional items. Wearing the promotional event badges gives greater visibility to your cause which, in turn, garners more support. Community and church gatherings and children’s activities are great reasons for wearing an event name badge. They give direction in an environment where many things may be happening at once. Event badges identify those in charge of specific areas or activities. A name badge can indicate whether a person has authority to access an area that may be set apart from the general public.

With respect to children’s activities, small children cannot always read, but they can certainly recognize specific shapes and colours. They will recognize a highly visible and unique event ID badge, lowering the possibility that someone unrelated to the event might be able to draw the child away from the other children with the story that they, too, are one of the grownups associated with the same activity the child himself is attending.