Theatre Name Badges

Theatres, either a performing arts or movie theatre, are part of our culture and tradition. Ever since the ancient times, performing in front of an audience has been done and passed for centuries. Singers, dancers, actors and actresses were discovered. Soon as the development of technology arisen, so did the theatre. Modern theatre can be describe as an acting on a stage involving music, lights and various props appropriate for the play, in front of a live audience.

One thing that wasn’t changed about the theatre is its patrons. Before, the theatre is said to be for the elite class only possibly it still is to some high class performing arts theatres but the movie theatre is another story. Both keep employees and staff. They are given their uniforms and their theatre name badges. Managers thought about theatre name badges to avoid confusion especially during the movie or play where it gets dim. The patrons can easily recognize whom to call for help if they need any assistance. Having volunteers in specific locations identifying themselves can make the patrons feel at ease.

The theatre name badges are provided by the theatre manager to its staff and volunteers. However, the type and design of the theatre name badges depends upon the position of the employee.

All of the employees are given vests with embroidered name badges stating the name of the theatre in the upper left front side and a bold straight word containing their position at the back. For some, the positions are generalized simply as staff to avoid the patrons’ confusion. The vests are usually in black or other dark shades but the texts are in neon or white. This is because of the theatre’s darkness. The vest is considered a vital part of their uniform.

The ticket sellers and the ticket checkers are given a pin name badge containing their first name. The regular staff have their own theatre name badge which serves as their photo id card. It is a plastic name badge containing their image and necessary information. They use their name badges for security purposes and time or attendance tracking.

Another type of theatre name badge is given to volunteers. The volunteers are given a huge laminated name badge worn with a lanyard containing the theatre’s name, the post or location they will cover and the position. The button name badge is also considered as a theatre name badge although its primary use is advertising and promoting the theatre.

Thus, even if there are different types of theatre name badges, they are all created for the patrons’ and staff’s benefit. Theatre name badges are often used in modern theatres today. If you are interested in purchasing some for your theatre, find a good name badge company that can accommodate your preferences in an affordable price.