Tips In Making Your Employees Wear Their Name Badges

Tips In Making Your Employees Wear Their Name BadgesThe name badge market is booming because companies are now realizing the impacts of cheap name badges in doing great business. There currently several types and materials available for wear their name badges name badges being offered by different competing manufacturers. However, in order to properly utilize the benefits brought about by wearing their name badges, the owners should be responsible in implementing ways that would make their employees cooperative and proactive in wearing their name badges. Let us briefly discuss the major reasons why name badges are important.

•To help the clients and other colleagues in properly identifying the employee

•To save clients and other colleagues from the embarrassment of forgetting the names of employees who have been introduced to them before

•To help spread the word about the company during seminars, conferences, trade shows and other events that the company representatives attend by using name badges with properly designed logos and company names

•To promote accountability and professionalism among employees, making them responsible for their own actions because name badges eliminate anonymity

After discussing the benefits brought about by magnetic badges, let us now offer suggestions for business owners that may help them get the cooperation of their employees in wearing name badges religiously.

•Make name badges as part of the company’s dress code. Wearing them should be put into writing and signed by the employee before joining the company.

•Market your employee name badges to your employees. Indicate not only the advantages that name badges bring to the company but highlight the benefits the employees would get by wearing them.

•All employees should name badges regardless of rank. Senior staff or upper management should lead by example.

•Take advantage of peer pressure. Make wearing name badges a team effort and awarding prizes based on the team’s performance. Example, if the manager does a spot check and finds everyone wearing his name badge, everyone will get a reward. If one employee is caught with no name badge, no one will get anything.

•Consider the suggestion of Jonathan Winchester, a mystery shopping specialist of Shopper Anonymous UK. You may have two spare name badges labeled as “Fanny” and “Dick”. If a female employee forgets to wear her name badge, she has to wear the name badge with the name “Fanny”. If it is a male employee, then he has to wear the name badge named “Dick”. This set up may not work well with all companies especially those with a very traditional and strict working environment. However, it is worth taking note of as it is an amusing, humorous and effective way of reinforcing the importance of wear their name badges among employees.