Types of Different Visitor Name Badges

Visitor name badges come in different kinds that businesses could choose from in order to better safeguard their assets and properties. As crime rates increase and prevalent reports of theft and fraud continue, it is always a wise decision for a company to invest in an efficient security system. One simple device that could derail unscrupulous individuals is the use of a visitor name badge. Visitor name badges nowadays come in numerous styles and forms. For this discussion, let us break them down into two general categories: single use and reusable name badges. Companies would normally colour code the visitor name badge according to the level of access or the area the visitor is allowed.

Single Use Visitor Name Badge
This type normally comes as a stick on option. Once the visitor enters the building, the guard or receptionist would normally write his name, his company, the date and time of entry and, the person or office that he is visiting on the name badge. Upon exit from the building, this is then discarded. Such single use name badge may also come in the variation of single use self expiring name badge. This is also a stick on option with all the data required as any regular single use visitor name badge but, there is an additional security feature. After 24 hours, the sticker will automatically either change in color or will contain the term “void” to better identify if a name badge has either been reused instead of discarded or if the visitor is overstaying.

Reusable Visitor Name Badge
The most popular material for this type is the PVC plastic. This name badge normally comes in sharp and standard colours of gold, silver, white and yellow enabling the company to implement a colour coding scheme if needed. The fasteners frequently used for this type are pins, clips or lanyards. The name badge would generally contain the word “visitor” or “guest” and a tracking number. The back part may also contain the rules and restrictions imposed by the company for visitors. This visitor name badge is especially beneficial if a company has several contractors working temporarily within the company’s premises for a period of time. It would allow security to differentiate between regular employees from contractual staff.

If a security feature like a barcode is embedded onto the name badge, your company will also be able to use this to electronically track the time of entry and exit of each visitor or contractor.