Upgrade Your badges into LED Badges

Name badges have come a long way from the simplest basic paper ID tags, to custom personalised badges made of almost every usable material like plastic, wood, metal, and PVC. As technology has progressed, so has the way name badges have evolved in this modern digital age.

Enter the LED name badge. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are now becoming increasingly popular by the day, due to its diverse application in almost any field. LED technology used to be widely utilized in vital industries such as car manufacturing, medical laboratory, home appliances and electronic test equipment. Today, it’s being integrated in practically every consumer electronic gadget that is out on the market. Practically everything, including the lowly name badge, as it gets a much needed upgrade treatment to LED technology.

Perhaps, the most distinct benefit of LED name badges over their conventional counterparts is the ability to program custom messages that flash or scroll across the badge, which in itself, doubles as a small display screen. Powered by a single 3 volt lithium battery, these digital badges contain a memory chip which can typically store from 6 to 10 different messages, with maximum of 255 characters per message, including symbols, and special characters. The message can be changed or programmed on the spot via user-friendly controls at the back, or thru a PC, and should be able to show either the selected message or all the programmed messages in series. User-controllable levels of brightness and scrolling speed can also be set. Furthermore, the display is fully customizable with logos, graphics, catchy taglines, and slogans with selectable choices of LED text colours. It attaches easily to clothing through a removable magnetic strip. How’s that for the ultimate flexibility in promoting your company’s line of business in every badge?

The cool thing is, even in dark and noisy events, such as trade fairs and business parties, the sales message is always readable and stands out even from a short distance. The way messages flash across every LED badge, staffers wearing these can virtually turn into instant ‘walking billboards’ just by mingling around prospective customers! LED name badges are clearly a fun way to stand out and grab attention in any situation. It truly is a convenient marketing tool, whether stationed in one’s workstation, over the sales counter, or out on the field, one can have the capability to display the needed info right then and there and ‘on the fly.’

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