Uses of Acrylic Name Badges

You can do all sorts of things with an acrylic name badge. It’s inexpensive and can adapt to different layouts. An acrylic name badge can be extreme; it can show the best of a corporate world or can be a radical symbol of modern art. It doesn’t require you a standard, rather you set standards through it. Elegant in black, lively in vibrant colors, welcoming in pastel ones, badges come in variant. They may also come in oval shapes, rectangular, or customized figures like a fruit, a book, or a French fries. Different professions may require a pin badge, a magnet badge, or a pocket badge.

Acrylic name badges best feature is that it’s an original masterpiece. Like a sculpture, you started with an idea in mind which you carved and shaped towards one whole creative piece. Your acrylic name badge is a creative symbolism of your business, tailored to its requirements. What layout your acrylic name badge may be depends on its purpose on your business.

For example, a nurse badge can look clean as a clear acrylic name badge with only the nurse’ name on it. Nurses at first sight are recognized immediately because of their uniforms. There will only be a redundancy if you put their job title on the name badge. Nurse name badges in such circumstance serve as plain name tags. On the other hand, you can also make a nurse name badge out of a colorful rainbow with a cloud where the nurse’ name is printed. This is the best name badge for nurses serving a home for the aged or a pediatric hospital. It’s catchy and can attract the kids and the elderly once they see it. It looks like an accessory giving life to a plain, white nurse gown. This way, acrylic name badges serve as a toy that can calm the kids’ uneasiness while a colorful, pretty accessory can brighten up the mood of the elders.

Moreover, maintenance staffs can use a pocket acrylic name badge which is clipped on the pocket of a shirt. These staffs do the buffing and mopping of floors, cleaning of windows, and cleaning the patients’ clutters. They move around the entire hospital and so it’s important they don’t lose their badges. Thus, pocket badge is more apt to their profession.

There are a couple of things to consider in creating your employees’ acrylic name badges. But the bottom line is, your acrylic name badge is customisable to your business’ end.