Visitors Name Badges

Should visitors or guests wear name badges? Are visitors willing to wear name badges? How useful are reusable name badges? What benefits will the visitor have in wearing name badges?

Typically, the workplace contains important documents and with some types of information being confidential. There are areas in the offices that are restricted to authorized personnel only. This is the reason why employees wear name badges, and an equally good reason for guests to wear name badges as well.

The employees are easily recognised and will be allowed to access areas which they are accredited to enter. There are occasions when people have to enter the office premises. They have to transact business or they have to repair some equipment in the office. They could be there for an interview or for delivery of some supplies. Whatever the reason, the security personnel must monitor the ins and outs of each person.

Visitors name badges are an effective security tool. Before entering, the visitors have to approach the security desk to obtain name badges. They have to register their names, surrender an ID card or any proof of identification and state the purpose of the visit. The security personnel will then issue them name badges. In this case, the security personnel will be aware at all times of the number of visitors in the premises. When the visitors leave, they have to return to the security desk to surrender the name badges and collect their ID cards.

While inside the office, the visitors are easily spotted because of the name badges. They can be observed if they are in the right place and can be denied access to restricted areas. Employees can willingly assist them since they can be identified through the name badges. Visitors name badges could be a simple plastic badge with the word “Visitor” printed on it. This style is used for general purposes and is economical.

The security personnel do not have to write or print anything, so monitoring this is not tiresome. But if the company wants to use something unique, the company logo could be printed on the name badge.

For a more formal look, the company can customise reusable name badges with the company logo printed on the generic badges. A window can be placed on the badge to insert the card containing the name of the visitor. The name badges will be fashionable and can be an added security tool because the employees can identify all visitors on sight.

There is variety when it comes to designing visitor name badges. The design has to be carefully selected because the name badges will reflect the company. The style and appearance should also be attractive enough to make the visitor comfortable in wearing the visitor badge.