Waiter’s Name Badge

When you walk into a restaurant, bar or a café, what are the first things that you will do or notice? Number one would be the vacant seats and tables of course, since that is where you will most likely be seated (unless you already have a reservation). Secondly, you will look for the menu. Oftentimes, the menu is not placed on the table and you will have to ask for it from an attendant or a waiter. And thirdly, you will most probably glance at the waiter’s name badge worn by the server who is attending to you.

A waiter’s name badge is the primary means of identification of a waiter or server by a customer in a fine-dining or fast food restaurant. It normally contains the company logo, full name of the waiter and his position in the restaurant company. A waiter’s name badge also sometimes contains the phrases, “Hello, I’m…” or “Hi! My name is…” followed by the waiter’s nick name for a more personal and approachable feel that most clients prefer.

In some cases like that of waiters in a luxury cruise ship, the waiter’s nationality is indicated in the waiter’s name badge. This is because the guests of a luxury cruise ship are very much diverse. They come from different parts of the globe and talk in various languages and dialects. It is therefore necessary for people to know which country the person they are talking to comes from so that they would be able to determine what language they are to use when conversing. Otherwise, they will not be able to understand one another.

A waiter’s name badge is usually made of metal like zinc or copper and is either plated gold or silver. Text and other information are customarily engraved unless PVC plastic and digital printing are used to create the waiter’s name badge. Decals can also be used to imprint the required information on the waiter’s name badge, especially if the restaurant company is aiming for lesser costs and greater savings.

In terms of the method of securing the waiter’s name badge in place, magnets are commonly used as fasteners. Magnets do not damage the waiter suit and uniform. They also look more appropriate and elegant for the traditional metal waiter’s name badge compared with clips or lanyards.

In the hospitality and services industry, particularly the restaurant and food businesses, a waiter’s name badge can spell success for an organization. A waiter’s name badge is able to build a restaurant’s reputation by making customers feel warm and at home in your dining establishment.