Ways To Ensure Employees Like Wearing Name Badges

Name badges have taken a very sophisticated twist over the years and companies are using them more and more to boost security. Such companies require their employees to have their badges at all times while at the premises. However, most employees are likely to hate their name badges irrespective of the importance of the badges are in enhancing security of these companies. Employees will thus go to great lengths to avoid wearing these name badges. The question then comes up, how do you make your employees love their badges enough to want to wear them? It could be that the HR can put in place policies that will force the employees to wear the name budges or an agreement signed by all to wear the name badges but that will not sit very well with most of them. It is important thus to find ways to persuade employees to wear the name badges willingly.

One of the main ways is to have customized badges. Custom made name badges ensure the badges are tailor made to suit the employees. In this way the badge can be custom made to a good quality and design that will please the employees. The employees can also be allowed to customize their badges in their small ways. They can be allowed to include accessories that express and their personalities. For example they can be allowed to choose between a lanyard and a pin. Or choose from a variety of different coloured lanyards.

Ensuring that ALL employees including the senior management wear name badges is another way towards making your employees like their name badges. Ensuring that the badge design and style for all employees is similar is also another way to go. This ensures that the junior employees feel appreciated as well as the senior employees and this in the long run will make them think twice before not wearing their name badges.

Another way to promote the liking is to make it fun. One could introduce contests of the best employee based on how often one wears a badge. A talk on the importance of wearing a name badge and the repercussions of not wearing one can be incorporated into the weekly meetings or monthly meetings.

At the end of the day, the mindset at which you program your employees is what will determine whether they will like wearing their name badge or not.