Ways To Make Employees Like Name Badges

Ways to make employees name badges In a bid to prove how important name badges are, Shopper Anonymous carried out a research in three countries over a couple of years. This research was exceptionally successful. It revealed that in the hospitality and retail businesses, customer satisfaction rose by 12% in the businesses that employees wore name badges. This could easily translate to any other environment that deals with people. Who then would not want to increase customer satisfaction in their businesses or organisations? The probability is that everyone would want this.

Customer satisfaction will not only increase the business popularity, it will automatically mean more customer retention, increased sales and eventually increased profits. And it does not matter whether you are selling goods or services. Customer satisfaction is therefore a goal every business person should strive to achieve. This is done simply by introducing employees name badges to your employees. Even though this is a great idea it will be met with resistance.

Employees find name badges unattractive and a big bother. This need not worry you because it can be changed. Employees can be made to like their name badges. Employees Name badges can have fancy designs that not only show the employees name but also bring out their personality. What better way to do this than encouraging the employees to design their name badges that you will pay for?

This can also be used to finally select a winning design that will be made permanent the company. Small tokens can be offered to the employees who always have their name badge. This can be introduced as a contest where employees are placed in various groups and the group with the majority hours of name badge wearing receive an award. This will improve team work and employee-employee relationship which in the overall produces the best results in a work place. Alternatively, the management can wear name badges even before introducing the idea to other employees.

This will mean the idea will be met with the least resistance. It will also show the employees are not being undermined but are taken as part of a bigger team where even their superiors wear the name badges. Another important way is to ensure all employees, new and old, get name badge education. This will mean all employees will have the information on how important a name badge is. The understanding will make them less cynical towards name badges. With all these fun practises who cannot be able to achieve the almost impossible task: making the employees like their name badges enough to want to wear them? If you achieve this then you are well on your way to achieving customer satisfaction.

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