Ways To Print Name Badges

As important as the name badges is the information written on it. That is the name of the wearer, his job position and the name of the company or its logo. To convey this data is the main purpose of wearing name badges. So, it is imperative that they are clear and readable. The type of printing will depend on what kind of material is the name badge made of. Most common materials are plastic and metal. Plastic name badges are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene. Also available are engraving style plastic which as the name implies, can be engraved for a more formal look. Metal name badges are mainly made of brass or aluminium.

There are various ways to print name badges. One way is screen printing wherein a clear screen is used and special paints. The problem with this system is that the print will fade in the long run but the effect will be fine. There are techniques that use heat like hot stamping and thermal printing. Hot stamping uses a metal die cast of the logo which is heated and pressed onto the surface of the material. Thermal printing or thermal transfer uses a print head that increases temperature thereby applying coloured layer onto the plastic. Most of these procedures can be done on either plastic or metal.

For the printing to be more effective on name badges, the artwork and font must be designed cautiously. When selecting the font for the name badges, it must be easy to read and bold so that it can be read even from a distance. The artwork when submitted to the supplier should be well-defined so that the true image of the logo will be captured. The colours of the name badges should be well blended. This is another factor that could render the name badges unreadable. If the colours are too bold, people might not even want to look at it. If it too dull, people might not notice the name badges at all. The colours of the font must stand out against the background.

Name badges whatever substance it is made of have to look presentable and stylish. It is a representation of who we are and what we do. The facts written on it will aid in acquiring new contacts and obtain business transactions. So, evaluate your name badges and make sure other people can read it.

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