Wearing Name Badges In Your Hotel

 When people go on a vacation, especially in far places, they stay in hotels. Accommodations are great and service is excellent. Vacationers will feel like royalty when staying in hotels. The hotel management will ensure that vacationers are treated well. To make the vacationers feel more at home, hotel management and staff wear name badges. Hotel name badges will really make the guests feel at home. The hotel staffs will be easily recognised and the guests will instantly know who the hotel staffs are and who are also guests or visitors. The guests will know who to approach when they have inquiries or requests. Name badges are immediate introductions between the guests and the hotel staff.

There are several managers in a hotel like the front office manager, the restaurant manager, the gift shop manager, etc. They are in the managerial level but they still wear name badges. Their name badges contain their names and their positions in the hotel, so that guests and visitors will know they are in charge of a specific area. Their name badges are symbols of authority and responsibility.

More importantly, the staffs who face the guests and visitors must wear hotel name badges. The receptionist is the first person that guests will approach upon their arrival to check in the hotel. The receptionist name badges welcome the guests and inform them of the identity of the receptionist. This information can be helpful in case of confusion. The hotel porter also wears name badges to acquaint themselves with the guests. The hotel porter accompanies the guests to their rooms and shows the guests the amenities of the room. Name badges make the guests feel secure because they know that the porter is connected to the hotel. The housekeeping staff wear name badges so that guests will allow them inside their rooms. Housekeeping staff are in charges of the cleanliness of the rooms and changing of the linens on the bed and inside the bathroom. Name badges are way to identify them. Other staffs in the hotel that wear name badges are the waiters, waitresses, bar staff, spa attendant and many more.

Wearing name badges is a must in a service oriented business like a hotel. Name badges make the guests feel at ease and show that the hotel is accountable for the service.

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