Wearing Name Badges

When I was a young kid, I have always detested wearing name badges because they are only a disruption to everything that I do. School badges when you are young can be as big as your entire chest and could cover your whole face when you look down or while playing. This annoyed me a lot. Though I was always scolded for not wearing name badges, I still did not care. For me, (because I have not realized the importance of wearing name badges yet), wearing name badges is a nuisance that I would have to bear until I grow up.

Unfortunately, wearing name badges was still a requirement when I grew up. My high school, my university and my employer still enforced the wearing of name badges within the school or office premises and during class or working hours. The only consolation that I had was that name badges as you grow older become smaller in size. They also became more colourful and trendier than when I was in kindergarten.

Modern name badges also came with lanyards and badge holders that can be mixed and matched with your attire. I came to realize that wearing name badges could not be as bad as I thought.

Then came one instance when I was at work, a co-worker’s personal belongings were stolen from her work station. Her signature bag, her wallet with all her IDs and credit cards, her mobile phone and cash were all taken away. It happened in one fateful lunch break when everybody was out and somebody, probably an outsider, entered our office premises and stole her stuff without anybody noticing it. We had our bags searched but the thief was not among us. We had no idea who took my co-worker’s things. We did not have a CCTV camera to capture the crime. There was nothing that could help us determine the culprit. Until it dawned upon me, wearing badges could have saved the day.

By wearing badges, we could have prevented an outsider from gaining access to the rooms inside our office building. By wearing badges, we could have identified each other easily and noticed that there was an intruder present in our premises, someone who was not wearing a badge. Wearing badges could have reinforced our office’s security measures. Wearing name badges would have allowed us to avoid such untoward incident.