Don’t Forget Your Wedding Name Badges to your Wedding

So now you’re engaged. You have come to the point in your engagement period when you need to start identifying the people who would make up your guest list. Unfortunately, you are faced with the dilemma of choosing only people that both of you know so that you can avoid your other individual friends from feeling awkward and left out. After all, you won’t have all the time to make them feel comfortable as you will have other guests to attend to.

Wouldn’t it feel nice for everyone you know to know each other than for them to know just you? Well, that should not be a problem. You won’t need to leave significant people out of your wedding registry any more. You just need to provide them wedding name badges so that they can socialize on their own, get to know each other, meet new friends among your friends, interact and just have fun!

It is interesting to note that wedding name badges are not so popular among marrying couples around the world despite its functionalities and importance during the big event. Maybe people see wedding name badges as something trivial compared with the more essential priorities such as the wedding cake, the wedding gown and the reception venue. Nonetheless, I think wedding name badges should still be allotted even just a small portion of your budget.

Wedding name badges do not need to be expensive and extravagant. They just have to be present at your wedding! Like I have said, wedding name badges can be not as costly as you think. There are many alternative materials and designs that you can choose from, which can meet your style and also fit your budget.

Wedding name badges can be made of laminated paper or specialty board, which is the most affordable way of producing wedding name badges. You can also use printed PVC plastic, which is also relatively inexpensive but at the same time more decent and formal looking. But if you and your husband-to-be have enough wedding funds, then engraved metal name badges are the perfect choice of wedding name badges for you.

Obviously, your custom name badges would indicate the name of your guests. There is no need to put their title or career or even their relationship to you or your groom (if you were thinking about it). These things will come out naturally once they have a conversation. Of course, your wedding name badges should be in the color and design of your wedding motif or theme. However, they may take any font type, size or shape depending on your personality – big and crazy-shaped with bold letters if you are extreme or small and sleek with cursive writing if you have more of a modern and sophisticated style.

So if you are planning a wedding (as the bride or groom or as part of the wedding organizing team), consider creating wedding name badges for your special occasion. On top of encouraging harmony and friendship, you’ll never know when a couple or more of your friends may find their soul mates then and there.