What are badges?

What are badges? How different are badges from name tags or patches? When and where are badges used? What are the different types and categories of badges? Where can badges be bought and purchased? How should badges be designed? Why are badges important? These are the questions that this article aims to answer.

First and foremost, let us define badges. Badges are cards, tags or patches that are clipped, buttoned or worn over the neck for purposes of identification and security. Badges are synonymous to and may be used interchangeably with ID cards, name tags, name badges and name plates. Badges are also important (and highly effective) tools for marketing, advertising and promotion.

Secondly, badges can be found almost anywhere today. Badges are used in schools, offices and business institutions as well as during conferences, seminars, parties, and other public gatherings. This is because badges encourage people to talk and converse with one another. Badges foster camaraderie between and among groups of people. Badges give individuals reason to initiate dialogue and connect with others. To accomplish certain tasks and get to certain places, badges are also now a common requirement for entry to most public and business establishments.

Thirdly, in order to grab the attention of an audience, badges may be made of paper, plastic or metal depending on the user preference, the functional requirement and the physical environment. Badges that will constantly come in contact with harsh elements in the work place should be made of metal for added durability and strength. Badges that are worn just inside the office without much exposure to harmful wear and tear can be manufactured from paper or plastic. What is essential is that the badges are supposed to be designed to reflect and highlight the personality and unique character of the person who is wearing it.

Lastly, badges are worn by people of any age. Regardless if they are young or small, male or female, single or married, there are different types and styles of badges that can suit every age, gender or social status. School name badges are for the youth; corporate name badges are for the working class. Club name badges come in different design for men and women members. Wedding name badges are also oftentimes colour-coded to indicate whether the guest is single or already married. Badges as well as other badge-related stuff such as how to make badges, badge making supplies, badge printers, new badge designs etc. may already be found online or in the Internet.

So whatever you need to know and understand on badges, there is always Google and Yahoo (or this article) to your rescue.