What Is A Name Badge?

What is a name badge? A simple definition of a name badge can be any piece of paper, plastic, or metal that has a name on it. A name badge serves to provide identification to anyone who wears it. Everywhere you go, you will see various name badges worn in business establishments to help identify the cashier who checks you out at the grocery store, the security person who lets you inside the bank, or the waiter who brought you your steak dinner.

Wherever establishment the name badge is used, it serves to make the interaction with people very natural. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be called by my name rather than to be addressed by the more general “Miss” or “Madam”. I am sure that the waiter who brought you your dinner will much appreciate if he’s addressed by his name rather than being called “waiter”. A name badge makes first-name calling possible without a need for formal introduction. It speaks for itself and tells you that you are already speaking with the “Supervisor”.

Aside from this, there are other uses for name badges. In some establishments, a name badge is at times observed to give recognition to the person wearing it. Common examples of these would be a name badge that says “Employee of the Month”, or “Sales Man of the Year” right below the employee’s name. Used in this way, the name badge speaks of recognition and provides motivation to a person.

In this day and age where companies are in constant search for the best value for their money, name badge suppliers, as a response, compete through their unique name badge design portfolios to better promote the company’s brand or business through their employees’ use of name badges.

The use of a name badge is not limited to identifying a person, recognizing one’s remarkable achievement, or advertising a company’s brand or slogan. The fact that a name badge could provide that critical first impression to the all-seeing customer is another vital but often overlooked purpose of a name badge. How a name badge looks gives a customer insight as to what the company values as good quality and could result to either a good or bad impression. This is why many smart companies invest in the design of their identification and follows a stringent process in the selection of their name badge suppliers.