What is a Punk Badges

Punk badges become a must-have accessory during the popularity of Punk rock. Developed during the early 70’s, Punk is a music genre usually composed of short political songs which talks about excessiveness of the mainstream. The lyrics are expected to be vulgar and frank as it usually targets the government. Its philosophy is simply following the Do-It-Yourself ethic. It made a new sub-culture throughout the world. It affected the people’s ideologies, fashion and visual arts. It influenced the most aggressive people in the society – the youths. Most of the bands playing this genre expressed themselves by unique and distinct styles of clothes and accessories.

Punk badges were first given by bands so as to promote their cause. Later on, it has developed into a slogan usually worn or embroidered in punk fashion clothing. These punk badges can either be a pinned name badge, a photo badge or an embroidered badges. The most common among them all are the punk badges that can be pinned. It is sold in concerts, the mall or even some of the shops downtown. It is pinned on the jackets or t-shirts to show their support. The designs are printed in a special paper and made into pins. This is cost effective especially if ordered in bulk. That is why these badges are powerful promotional tools used by the bands to spread their philosophy.
Another type of punk badges is the photo badges. Printed in full colour, the photos are usually the images of somebody famous like a vocalist, a drummer or a whole band. Punk badges can be embroidered in clothing. For people who wanted a permanent punk symbol in their clothing go to sewing companies or shops that offers customisation services. This is a little expensive but seems to be a practical choice if you don’t want to wear pins. This will also give you a distinct impression to people because of your unique punk badges. Among these types of punk badges, the younger generation has found a new fashion statement. Because of its subculture, punk has various themes.

As a punk accessory, punk badges are designed in different ways, too. The punk bands images like The Ramones, The Sonics, WIRE, Sex Pistols, The Plasmatics, Blondie, and The Tokyos are popular punk badge designs. However, ranging from a plethora of colours and slogans, a standard design can have a symbol and a text. The texts often read a title or a statement about the bearer or the society. Several examples may include, “BORED TEENAGER” or “PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE”.

The symbols that the badges contain are visual arts inspired by the punk subculture. Although there are different characteristics in every layout, these are made to express their ethic. Moreover, all of the punk badges are designed according to their philosophy and cause. Today, punk badges are available anywhere but you can create it yourself. It can be personalised to suit your preference. It can be used as giveaways and souvenirs, too. However, if you want a professional touch, there are badge companies and shops that make them. Most printing companies give special offers if you are ordering in bulk.