What Is Important When Designing A Name Badge

What is important when designing a name badge? Name badges have become an important component whether in a small business, a large company or even a huge multinational organisation in today’s world. Their purposes are increasing at a steady pace. It is thus vital to have name badges for security, customer relations, and promotional purposes. However before deciding in placing an order so many factors come into play. One has to consider the use for which the badge will be used for. Will it be for an event, for identification in a corporate meeting, for security into a building? On the other hand one will have to think of what material is the best for the purpose of the badge. Is it plastic, acrylic, paper or metal? Does it have to have a logo or not? Those are a few of the questions that will come to mind before placing an order for the name badges.

The last thing you will expect to be asked is the actual design and other minor to you but utterly important details. However this can be solved simply by having a good designer for the name badges. After the designs have been made it is important to save the art work in a good quality file. This will enable high resolution and make the designs clear to the viewer. It will also make work easier while trying to arrange the art work in a comprehensive visually attractive way. It will also give a view of how the name badges will look when printed.

It is also important to ensure the colours used do not clash. It is advisable to use neutral colour for the back ground as this will enable creative use of other colours. Metallic colours are highly discouraged for they reflect light making the badges difficult to read. Another thing to look out for is the colour of the logo or the details that will appear on the badge. If vibrant colours are used for the logo and intricate details are included, simple easy colours should be used for the back ground. A contrasting colour with a clear font that stands out and is easy to read even from a distance should be used for the names and titles.

And lastly ensure the shape and size of the name badge does not reduce the quality of the art work done on the badge. The shape and size should complement what is on the badge to finally give the ideal custom made name badge

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