What Is In a Name Badge?

In this new day and age, name badges are still persistent in the world. Their use and perhaps designs is the only thing that has changed. Unlike long ago where the name badges were used for identification, nowadays the name badges are used more and on promotional and security purposes. Their location on clothing makes name badges hard to miss and therefore they present an opportunity for promoting brands and businesses. Extreme care must therefore be taken while selecting the design, colour, shape, font size and materials of a name badge.

With recent technology, it is easy to custom make a badge that best portrays the message one intends to pass. The most common types of name badges are: metal name badges, plastic engraved and full colour plastic name badges. Metal name badges are made of aluminum. They are light weight and can be used on lapels. Metallic name badges show high sophistication and thus suitable for corporate and elegant hotels. The information on the metal badges is digitally imprinted. These badges pose some disadvantages as they are only available in rectangular shapes and in single colours. A lot of information cannot be printed on these badges. However they are very durable.

Plastic engraved plastic name badges are available in many colours and shapes. Even though the name plastic may sound cheap there is nothing cheap about these badges. They are very flexible and a lot of information can be put on them. They are easily custom made to bring out a brands personality as they show details and colours show through them nicely. These badges have an elegance touch and some companied even get them brushed with gold or silver to enhance this. They are the magic of promotion. The last and final type is the full colour plastic badges. These badges are digitally printed. It is therefore easy to custom make them. As the name suggests they are full of colour as multiple colours are used to produce them. This assists especially in bringing a brand to life. Due to their simple production they are easily reproducible and ideal for areas that massive numbers of badges are needed. Whichever type selected, it must be designed well enough to promote and not demote the brand name or the company. The best news is that with the new technology the designs are limitless for promotional purposes!

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