What is the Purpose of Badge Clips

Badge Clips are just one of the various types of fasteners of name badges and badge holders. Like stickers, pins, magnets and lanyards, badge clips are attached to the name badge or badge holder to prevent the name badge from getting lost, misplaced or even damaged. Quality made badge clip should be strong enough to prevent these unfavorable events from happening and tight enough to secure the name badge or badge holder properly onto the user’s shirt, belt, pants or jackets.

Just like in choosing the right name badge and/or badge holder for your organization, you also have to consider the following important items in choosing your badge clip:

1) the kind of environment where it will be worn in,

2) the frequency of use, and

3) where the badge clips will be attached.

The kind of environment where the badge clips will be worn in is essential because, for one, it determines the type of harsh elements and wear and tear the name badges, badge holders and badge clips will be exposed to. Will they be exposed to water or fire? Will they be prone to man-made or animal-caused damage? The strength and durability of badge clips should heavily depend on these factors. Not only that, the kind of environment where the badge clips will be worn also identifies the appropriate type of badge clips to be used for your organization.

The frequency of use of the badge clips also directs to the same thing. It finds out how often will your badge clip be exposed to these harsh elements of the work environment and from there deduce the right kind of badge clip for your corporate name badges. The frequency of use measures the amount of deterioration that your badge clip can take and handle before they will need to be replaced.

Where the badge clip will be attached sounds to be a silly requirement but as far as the selection of badge clips are concerned, it is one of the more critical factors to consider. If the badge clip are going to be attached on a place where it gets bumped all the time, then the badge clips need to be made of hard plastic or metal so it stays securely fastened and not fall off every time. On the other hand, you would not also want a badge clip that is too pointed that may cause damage to your suits and dresses. In this case, magnetic badge clip and buttons may be your primary option.

Badge clip may seem unimportant but it is really a significant component of a complete name badge. Consider these factors carefully and think a couple or more times before making your decision.