Which Name Badge Is The Most Popular?

The best selling name badge may not be the one you purchase. A salesman would probably be ready with a quick answer or dramatic name badge industry statistics, but we aren’t here to ‘sell’ you anything. Instead, we’ll ask a few questions.
• How large of a name badge will you need?
• Will your name badges all say the same thing – such as a company or school name? • Did you need individual names or other information printed on each name badge?
• Are the badges for children, adults, or both?

Mass production has allowed the price of plastic name badges to stay relatively low. Members of small clubs can enjoy the same promotional benefits and sense of pride that comes from wearing their own chapter’s plastic pin badges as their larger counterparts. Non-profit organisations can easily get the word out to the public simply by giving away pin badges designed with the name and colours associated with their focus.

Are you purchasing name badges for a community or church group? Children’s activities are great reasons for wearing an event name badge. They give direction in an environment where many things may be happening at once. Event badges identify those in charge of specific areas or activities. A name badge can indicate whether a person has authority to access an area that may be set apart from the general public. Plastic ID badges are very popular as a way to point out officials at a public event.

Sporting events and other competitive activities have been assigning pin badges to judges and directors of group activities since before World War II. Adults and children can easily pick out persons in charge by the ID badge worn. Teachers know that children may be more inclined to learn and try harder if there is a chance at earning an award. Colourful plastic pin badges can be purchased by the gross and given out as various skills have been mastered. Pin badges can be produced with photographs of animals, activities, cartoon characters, historical figures or even the children themselves! Pony clubs often have competitions within their own group as a way to encourage confidence and improvement in both pony and rider. Awarding plastic pin badges for various levels of competency makes practice and learning fun.