Why Do We Need Name Badges?

why we need namebadgesFor cost-saving companies, name badges are usually considered minor, unnecessary expenses and are not considered to be much of a priority. But little do these companies know that name badges have several functions that are highly beneficial to the organization.

In these crazy times when theft and other crimes that bring damage to school or company property and their occupants are frequent and rampant, it is imperative that organizations implement security measures for their protection and safety. Having your employees wear name badges all the time is one way to ensure that intruders and criminal elements are not within your vicinity and are not able to bring harm to your clients and workers. Name badges keep track of the people who go in and out of your offices and enable you to ensure that only authorized people are able to enter private locations and secured premises.

Name badges also allow for easy identification. Given a worst case scenario where trespassers and burglars are able to enter your office, you will be alert enough to look out for those people without proper identification or those who are not wearing your company’s name badge. It will be easier for you to identify who are outsiders and who really work for your corporation.

Name badges also establish good client relations. They initiate and encourage dialogue between an employee and a client as name badges show the person’s name as well as other credentials without a need name badges for the client to ask. Name badges make a person look more approachable and friendly even without words and can help make one seem reliable and trustworthy to a potential customer.

Another advantage of having name badges is that it helps one’s memory. If you are the boss of one or two more companies, it will be very challenging and tough for you to remember the names of all your employees. Name badges make that part of your job easier and more convenient.

Lastly, reusable name badges build image. As long as they are properly made, executed and worn, name badges suggest professionalism and demand respect for those who wear them. It can be a marketing and branding tool for your organization. Name badges can be designed and customized to become eye-catchy and attention-grabbing such that people will be tempted to look at your name badge that bears your name, company logo and position. That means instant advertising and promotion.

So before scrapping out the idea of investing on a good, pleasant looking and durable name badge, think again! You’ll never know what you’re missing.