Why Use Fun Name Badges?

We all know that the basic function of wearing name badges is for employees to be easily identified by fellow employees and other guests or customers. Most often than not,fun name badges are made to appear formal to create an upscale appearance for the company. However, a fun image does not necessarily mean a cheap image. On the contrary, injecting a little bit of humor in your workplace at times makes a lot of difference in the overall productivity achieved by the company.

Implementing creative or fun name badges for your employees to wear is a good way of making not only your employees feel relaxed but your customers as well. A perfect example of a fun badge put into a good use is in the hospitals or medical related institutions. In places like these, patients tend to be agitated, frail and weary. They may have a lot of apprehension regarding the procedure that they will undertake or, may be anxiously waiting for the results.

Employees wearing fun badges make the atmosphere less charged and drab. It makes the patients feel more relaxed because name badge may promote a more impersonal and comfortable environment. Fun badges not only do the job of identifying the medical practitioners to the patients, they give a sense of friendliness and approach ability to the staff wearing them.

A fun name badge is also good for companies engaged in day care services, pets, sports or tours just to name a few. It is basically applicable if you want to increase the accessibility of your employees to the customers.

How do you make a name badge more fun or creative? This really depends on the company’s preference. You can put the image of a pet or a smiley face, use a vibrant color, change the shape of the name badge or place humorous quotes. The choices are limitless. It all depends on how creative, informal and quirky you want to be with the name badges.